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orange juice John

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Dee Laundry
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"Other than the invisible chips, it's awesome."

This journal is written by an adult, intended for people who (in general) think like adults. It includes material labeled as NC-17. It includes grown-up conversations about grown-up things. Children will likely find the content boring and are encouraged to go elsewhere.

nutty implies a certain level of pizzazz i just don't have


I'm a slash junkie. You can call me Dee. I'm mid-thirties on the way to forty, with two young kids and a husband who doesn't get the appeal of slash at all but is supportive if it gets him more sex. (Sometimes yes, sometimes no.)

I can only really write when the muse (mania) hits, so this journal will be a sporadic thing, I'm sure.


"The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely. All art is quite useless." --Oscar Wilde


daisylily is one of my favorite people in the world.

be a bitch because
really there's a cash
prize or maybe not

-from perspi

nuclearfootball made me an awesome graphic. Photobucket

I take you to be my internet wife, to stalk and to fangirl, from this day forward, in good times or in flame wars, for slash or for non-slash, for as long as we both shall maintain our interest in fandom. -- fallen_arazil aka Djinn, on the occasion of our internet marriage 8/20/06. Djinn and I were internet-poly-married on 8/20/07 to the wonderful Petra petrichor_fizz.

fallen_arazil created my former header graphic:

My default userpic is by the very talented gabilha.

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