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Dear Festividder 2014

Dear Festividder,

Thank you for signing up for Festivids and for choosing one of these sources to vid. Below are some ideas in case they would help.

Threesome. Eddy POV, please. Alex and Stuart are both great, but Eddy's the one I identify with. I like the physical touching in the movie, and the goofing around. Intercut that with the serious inner turmoil Eddy goes through, and you might just have a winner.

Fargo (2014) [TV]. I would love a multi-character vid. So many great characters and moments and developments, yes. I am not a huge fan of lingering attention to gore, but I do acknowledge that violence was an important part of the storytelling in the show.

The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert is a very kinky man. Whether he knows it or not.

Ocean's movies (2000s' version). SLASH. Slash, slash, slashity-slash-slash. A shiny, slick, suavely dressed orgy of gay testosterone and role-playing is what I got out of these movies. Of course, Danny/Rusty. And Danny/Rusty/Linus (don't think I don't know what you were doing, Matt Damon, with your little-boy horizontal stripes and references back to daddy and mom). Those go without saying. But Virgil/Turk! And Frank! Basher/Livingston, with their exceptional fine motor skills. And Reuben flopping around under his bathrobe, curls peeking out. And Yen -- you can't tell me that flexibility didn't come in very handy at some point. I wouldn't kick Tess/Isabel out of bed for eating crackers, either.

Far From Heaven. Normally I don't even notice cinematography, but wow, this movie was beautifully shot. If you can use that to highlight the themes of friendship, love, persona, and identity, I would be grateful.

Scarecrow & Mrs King. I haven't seen the TV show in ages but I adored it when it was on television. Secrets, and role-playing, and home, and domestic, and pretend couple, and pretend-turned-real couple, and pretend-turned-real-couple-pretending-not-to-be-a-couple. YAY! All kinds of fun.

As in prior years, these sources fit the theme of: Identity / Persona / Hiding who you are / Discovering who you are by pretending to be someone else

Music: I personally enjoy geek rock (They Might Be Giants, Dead Milkmen, Weezer, BNL, Devo, Paul and Storm, Jonathan Coulton) but am certainly open to other genres. I like vids that tell a story (or make a point, or tell a joke, or some combination thereof), and songs that tell a story lend themselves pretty well to that.

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