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Title: Friends, or The Mystery of the Vanishing Girl
Author: Dee Laundry
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Characters: John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Mike Stamford, OC (Mike's wife, Karen Stamford)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Even though John is family, he wasn’t at The Holmes Family Recital. This is why not.
Notes: SPOILERS for all of Series Four of Sherlock. Dialogue-only. This is slightly tongue-in-cheek but only slightly. Written for Exhibition-of-vanishing-time on Tumblr, whose LJ/DW name I've forgotten.

You won't be there?Collapse )

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What Moffatt and Gatiss really needed

...a good beta. Someone to say them, "Well, ok, but why? What's the overall gist of what you're trying to accomplish here? Alright, given that, why is this scene here? Why does this character say that, and do that? You've shown a gun in act one, so how are you going to make it go off before the story's done? And literary license is a thing, but you've gone over the line into supernatural, even given the AU you're writing. How would this have occurred -- I mean literally how, walk me through it, even if you're not going to cover it in the plot, you have to have thought through the actual steps. And this, this, and this would be more effective if dialed back a bit. I get this is all about the adventure but if you're going to say that the character has emotionally progressed, you have to show that the character has emotionally progressed."

I can personally recommend [personal profile] bironic, [personal profile] daisylily, [personal profile] nightdog_barks, and [personal profile] thedeadparrot for this important role, although you may not be able to afford them...

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I ficced!

What a way to start the year!


It's teeny but I like it. Thank you, [personal profile] blackmare and [personal profile] menolly_au, for kicking it off.

Part three of One New Year's Eve

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Fun with Myers-Briggs

All credit to intjwoo on Tumblr for this one. I almost choked laughing when I got to ISTJ. Original post here

What actually runs in the veins of the 16 Myers-Briggs types

ENTJ: The crushed souls of the defeated


ENTP: Memes

INTP: Nothing. They don’t have veins. They’re robots.

ENFJ: Liquid gold

INFJ: Ambrosia

ENFP: Margarita mix

INFP: Tears

ESTJ: Caffeine

ISTJ: Blood, because that’s what’s supposed to be there

ESTP: Vodka

ISTP: Gasoline

ESFJ: Hot chocolate

ISFJ: Cookie butter

ESFP: Glitter

ISFP: Rain

Source: intjwoo

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Found a squick

I've been watching the TV series Bones on Netflix. Formulaic mysteries with humor; it's awesome. Anyway, since it's all about murders there have been bones and bugs and tissue pieces and blood, and I've made it through all that with no problem. But this episode (s9 e22) they've been talking about fingernail beds and my body has gone NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. Interesting that this would be the one thing that would do me in.

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I Am A: Lawful Neutral Human Wizard (5th Level)

Ability Scores:







Lawful Neutral A lawful neutral character acts as law, tradition, or a personal code directs him. Order and organization are paramount to him. He may believe in personal order and live by a code or standard, or he may believe in order for all and favor a strong, organized government. Lawful neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you are reliable and honorable without being a zealot. However, lawful neutral can be a dangerous alignment when it seeks to eliminate all freedom, choice, and diversity in society.

Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.

Wizards are arcane spellcasters who depend on intensive study to create their magic. To wizards, magic is not a talent but a difficult, rewarding art. When they are prepared for battle, wizards can use their spells to devastating effect. When caught by surprise, they are vulnerable. The wizard's strength is her spells, everything else is secondary. She learns new spells as she experiments and grows in experience, and she can also learn them from other wizards. In addition, over time a wizard learns to manipulate her spells so they go farther, work better, or are improved in some other way. A wizard can call a familiar- a small, magical, animal companion that serves her. With a high Intelligence, wizards are capable of casting very high levels of spells.

Find out What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be?, courtesy of Easydamus (e-mail)

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I am not looking forward to the next four years. A demagogue in the Oval and a Republican-controlled Congress in the next two years means no immediate path to get him out.

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Camelot - Another Thing

Bironic and I both wanted desperately to shout, “THREESOME!” when the characters kept asking, “If we love each other, and we both love him, what should we do?”

Because, seriously, threesome. That is what you do when you have three people who all love each other.

I get that heteronormativity exists, but since the play already established that the WEATHER IS CONTROLLED BY ROYAL DECREE, Arthur could just go, “Yep, married to both of them, shut up.”

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Saw Camelot last weekend with [personal profile] bironic, and it was very fun.

The reviews have been uneven to say the least so I was a bit worried going in, but I loved it! Looking back at the reviews, they’re mostly like, This isn’t as elaborate as the three-hour version with Julie Andrews so boo to this.

I’ve never seen the three-hour version to compare it to, so I took this version on its own merits and thought it was quite fun. They did have some occasions when they very blatantly had a symbol stand in for something more elaborate (e.g., covered the floor in red to show that Arthur was standing where a battle had recently taken place) -- that worked for me. They didn’t try to pretend; they very clearly indicated when things were symbols. Another example: rather than close the curtain and move things on the set, they had the actors move things on the set. Generally that was done with a choreographed flourish from the actors, indicating “Ta da! We are doing this transition now!”

The set design in general was one I loved. Use of warm woods, movable set pieces, tall arches placed in foreground, midground and background for a sense of scale. In contrast to say, Prodigal Son, where the minimalist design of the outdoor scenes were too minimal for my taste, the set design in this version of Camelot gave a good sense of place in each scene.

Now why did I choose to see a play at a theater located 300 miles from my home? Robert Sean Leonard, naturally. He played Arthur, and looked good. He was SO MUCH more comfortable showing affection to Guenevere (played by a very good actress named Britney Coleman, who Bironic recognized as having been in A Very Potter Musical on YouTube) than he’s been in anything else ever, so that was nice. It looked like he had grown a tummy on him, but I don’t see how that’s possible in the few weeks since promo pics, so maybe that was the costume.

Singing isn't RSL's greatest strength but he acquitted himself fine (other than dropping the end of some of his words, seriously, RSL, finish what you start). He slid into the Rex Harrison/Robert Preston sing/talk mode (see the 1964 film My Fair Lady and the 1962 film Music Man if you don't know what I mean) and that was fine.

Did you see the promo vid where he was dancing, and it looked kind of dorky and uncoordinated? That scene takes place in Arthur & Guenevere’s bedroom, and they are joking around. So it’s supposed to look a little bit dorky and impromptu. :)

One amazingly fun part that wasn't RSL: Mordred, the villain. Bironic and I agreed immediately that he was very reminiscent of Seth Green ("Scott Evil!" I said) and that we loved the sparkle seen in his thighs and personality, both. ([personal profile] bironic's full write-up, which is better than mine, is here.

The actors didn’t come out afterward, so no autograph or close-up encounter, unfortunately. But all in all, it was a great time and I’m glad I went.

I'm even more glad that I chose to travel the way I did because it meant a lot more time with Bironic, and that was even better than the play. <3 <3 <3

Next up for RSL: back to San Diego to play Richard II in summer 2017.

Next up for me: Going to the UK for work in a few weeks and getting to see my awesome RSL-loving friend [personal profile] daisylily!

Dorky dancing that I was talking about:

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Hi Everyone - A good thing

Here is a good thing that I’m happy about:

The elementary school my younger son (Littlest Laundry) goes to treats him like an individual. \o/ He had a meltdown Friday and ended up hitting a teacher and two students. The school’s first priority was keeping him (and the others) safe and finding a way to help him calm down. Then they talked with me and my husband about the best next steps. The school district’s code is strict about consequences for physical violence (as it should be) but the principal, teachers, and counselor knew that my son’s violence wasn’t malicious. So they came up with a consequence for him that is fair given the circumstances. I feel blessed.

PS. Yes, the rumors are true, [personal profile] bironic and I did see RSL in Camelot. It was fun! More on that later.

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Interviewed for a new job and was asked about my international experience. I immediately thought of all the lovely people all over the world I’ve met through fandom, LJ/DW, and Tumblr.

However, I refrained from talking about all the porn we’ve shared with each other through the years. *hugs hugs hugs*

PS. I got the job.

PPS. I already told them I'm taking Friday, July 29 off for "a personal day." Again, not mentioning that I'm going to Con-Txt and modding a panel on how to write sex scenes featuring more than two characters.

PPPS. Assuming that panel got voted in.

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I think Prodigal Son would have been much more interesting from the point of view of RSL's character, Alan Hoffman, and here's why.

Spoilers for Prodigal Son; content warning for talk of exploitationCollapse )

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Review of Prodigal Son

My review of Prodigal Son. Others have other reviews, and I am not taking away from them, but here is mine:

Eh. Basically, I spent $90 plus travel to see Robert Sean Leonard in person and that was worth it to me (even though he didn’t have Stage Door so I didn’t see him up close), but if he hadn’t been in the play, I would have been angry to spend that much.

My biggest problem with the play is the play itself, not the production.

It could have said something about class, but it doesn’t.

It could have said something about betrayal, but it doesn’t.

It could have said something about external vs. internal conceptions of right and wrong, but it doesn’t.

It tells a story I have heard way too often to have any patience for: able straight cis white Christian late-teen boy screws up repeatedly, hurts others, gets coddled for no real reason, doesn’t appreciate what he has, and whines for more.

I thought of Marley Dias, and how she could sum up her required reading as “white boy with dog.”

Acting-wise, Timothee Chalamet was very good; I was drawn in by his performance. Annika Boras’s acting was very good, although I wanted to adjust her volume up. Chris McGarry was very, very touching. He should’ve been on the posters.

RSL, I enjoyed watching, as always, though I felt sometimes he was apologizing for the material. It would be interesting to know what his discussions with the writer/director were. And one pivotal scene fell flat due to RSL’s continued inability to make a certain action believable. Some day, some day. Maybe.

If you’re a fan of Timothee Chalamet or are willing to pay $90 to look at RSL, you can give this a try. Otherwise, I hear Fun Home is really good.

PS. Where does fic come from? From the places canon didn't go. Here's my fic (BIG spoilers): http://deelaundry.dreamwidth.org/23936.html

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Bless me, flist, for I have ficced

This doesn't have a title yet, and it's short, but I think it's done.

Huge spoilers for the Prodigal Son (play). Rated PG-13. Catholic imagery, mentions of death. I told [personal profile] bironic that the play would have been more interesting if it was from Alan's point of view.

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Media Update

Waiting (semi-)patiently for the Sherlock special. Haven't decided yet whether I'll watch at the UK time or wait for US.

I watched the first season of The Flash this weekend on Netflix. Cheesy popcorn, but fun!! And SO MANY HOT GUY BODIES. O_O It also has better continuity than most of the shows I've liked (House MD hissssssssssssss).

RSL could guest star and fit in with all the male weeping, heh.

Felicity was my favorite character. (One of my kind, I'm just saying)

Favorite line: "I am your father" said by Luke Skywalker :rotf:

Second favorite line: "Am I the only one here who watches movies?" :rotf:

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So what have you been up to?
Um, nothing? Too much? One of those two.

Major life changes? Same old same old?
Same house, same spouse, same job. Trying to explain to my new therapist why "enjoying being online" does not mean I'm going to emotionally cheat on my spouse. Y'all know me; forming deep emotional bonds with live people is not why I'm here. (Which is not to say I don't love my online friends! I do!)

What fandom are you in/do you spend most of your time in?
Sherlock BBC and Robert Sean Leonard and House MD, plus whatever passes by on my Tumblr, including Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter being bisexual, and Sam Wilson being the love interest.

Where do you hang out online?
Tumblr (https://www.tumblr.com/blog/deelaundry) and reading on AO3. I am going to try to be more active on DW and LJ.

What are you reading?
Making my way steadily through Agatha Christie's oeuvre again. It's a completist thing. Just finished The Harlequin Tea Set; They Came to Baghdad is next. Also will be taking Ancillary Justice on my summer vacay.

What are you watching?
The Nightly Show, and can't wait to see what's next for The Daily Show. I watch the Poirot eps on Netflix after I finish each Poirot book, to see what they changed in the plot and for the cool guest stars (Bashir! The Ninth Doctor! Mary Morstan! (whose character was a teacher who'd been in trouble for being inappropriate with a male older-teen student, not that that's delicious or anything...)). Loved The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Sense8; can't wait for the new seasons. I'm also caught up (I think) on the Marvel movies.

What are you making?
Nothing, sadly. I do have an idea for a group-activity Sick!Wilson vid, maybe I'll start that soon...

What are you squeeing about today?
RSL is going back to NYC!!!

What else is on your mind?
Today the clerk at the drugstore reminded me so much of Jack Wilson, I had to sit for a second afterward and grin. I miss Jack; I miss writing.

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Now We Are Six

Now We Are Six was Jack Wilson's bedtime book last night because, well, now we are six.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Thank you for the joy you've given me.


Never Could Spell Medieval (PG)

Title: Never Could Spell Medieval
Author: Dee Laundry
Pairing: House/Wilson
Rating: PG
Summary: How can you have one without the other? Discussion the day before Halloween, 2014
Notes: Thank you SO MUCH to [personal profile] nightdog_barks and bironic for beta duties and general cheerleading. There is actually sick Wilson in this fic, but don't blink because you'll miss it. If you'd like more sick Wilson, please let me refer you back to a previous fic in this 'verse, Senseless, which has heaping helpings of hurt, both physical and mental (but a happy ending). The entire My Fathers' Son series can be found on AO3 here.

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Dear Festividder 2014

Dear Festividder,

Thank you for signing up for Festivids and for choosing one of these sources to vid. Below are some ideas in case they would help.

Threesome. Eddy POV, please. Alex and Stuart are both great, but Eddy's the one I identify with. I like the physical touching in the movie, and the goofing around. Intercut that with the serious inner turmoil Eddy goes through, and you might just have a winner.

Fargo (2014) [TV]. I would love a multi-character vid. So many great characters and moments and developments, yes. I am not a huge fan of lingering attention to gore, but I do acknowledge that violence was an important part of the storytelling in the show.

The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert is a very kinky man. Whether he knows it or not.

Ocean's movies (2000s' version). SLASH. Slash, slash, slashity-slash-slash. A shiny, slick, suavely dressed orgy of gay testosterone and role-playing is what I got out of these movies. Of course, Danny/Rusty. And Danny/Rusty/Linus (don't think I don't know what you were doing, Matt Damon, with your little-boy horizontal stripes and references back to daddy and mom). Those go without saying. But Virgil/Turk! And Frank! Basher/Livingston, with their exceptional fine motor skills. And Reuben flopping around under his bathrobe, curls peeking out. And Yen -- you can't tell me that flexibility didn't come in very handy at some point. I wouldn't kick Tess/Isabel out of bed for eating crackers, either.

Far From Heaven. Normally I don't even notice cinematography, but wow, this movie was beautifully shot. If you can use that to highlight the themes of friendship, love, persona, and identity, I would be grateful.

Scarecrow & Mrs King. I haven't seen the TV show in ages but I adored it when it was on television. Secrets, and role-playing, and home, and domestic, and pretend couple, and pretend-turned-real couple, and pretend-turned-real-couple-pretending-not-to-be-a-couple. YAY! All kinds of fun.

As in prior years, these sources fit the theme of: Identity / Persona / Hiding who you are / Discovering who you are by pretending to be someone else

Music: I personally enjoy geek rock (They Might Be Giants, Dead Milkmen, Weezer, BNL, Devo, Paul and Storm, Jonathan Coulton) but am certainly open to other genres. I like vids that tell a story (or make a point, or tell a joke, or some combination thereof), and songs that tell a story lend themselves pretty well to that.

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