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Vid: Roller Derby Queen

Title: Roller Derby Queen
Vidder: Dee Laundry
Characters: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Summary: In the annals of fandom, John Sheppard is a pretty, pretty princess. James Wilson is a busy working wife. And John Watson is a roller derby queen.
Notes: Support your local roller derby, because it is awesome, as is John Watson. Thanks to [personal profile] bironic for the beta.
Source: Sherlock
Music: "Roller Derby Queen" by Jim Croce (trimmed)

Roller Derby Queen from Dee Laundry on Vimeo.

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Recs due to Con-Txt

John Sheppard's Guide to Surviving Project Runway by Sheafrotherdon

Straight as a Circle by Toomuchplor (SGA, John Sheppard wakes up straight)

The Rampant Disease by triedunture (House, zombie AU, House/Wilson)

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Con.Txt 2014 Panel
Dubcon Fucking: How Does It Work?
Moderated by Ellen Fremedon; scribed by Dee Laundry

Notes below are as they were typed during the panel. If you attended, please feel free to comment with any points to add, or any corrections that are needed.

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And lo, she has awoken

Hi, everyone! I am having a great time at Con-Txt with [personal profile] bironic and many, many others. Modding/co-modding four panels this time:

- Gender and terminology with [personal profile] viklikesfic - with fun and jumping
- Dubcon with Ellen Fremedon - with allegories to capitalism (panel notes about to go up in separate post)
- Fargo
- Tagging (which I have promo'd in many other panels)

No pictures due to camera-shyness but I did cosplay for the "mirror universe" theme day as Sherlock Holmes, Reception/Kindergarten Teacher.

PS. Tonight I have a premiering vid, John/Sherlock! Will post to here late tonight or tomorrow. :)

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Festivids reveals today!

I participated in Festivids again this year. My vid was for the movie Now You See Me, which is a fun and twisty whodunit with also TEAM and some interesting feels/philosophy and Bruce Banner as the lead and sparkly bondage. So. Definitely rec it. My vid, "Part of Me," does have a few spoilers but doesn't reveal who did the whodunit, and its theme is my favorite part of the movie: why do these magicians do what they do?

The vid I received is AWESOME and you should watch it if you haven't yet: Always on My Mind is by a vidder I hadn't met yet, Trutgras. Hope to see more by this vidder!

Please also go and give more love to [personal profile] bironic for her Interview with the Vampire vids.

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First of what I'm sure will be many, many recs.

The vid for me! Always on My Mind, I Love You Phillip Morris. SO GREAT. Whether you've seen the movie or not, if you like scams and love and heart-felt zaniness*, you will like the vid. It's a great teaser for the movie without major spoilers. And I adore it. Plus if you can watch the vid without wanting to snuzzle Phillip's cute wittle face, well, comment and tell me how.

(*Just this second realized that this is my issue with Ben Stiller; his zaniness always seems to be missing heart)

A more serious and equally as heartfelt vid: The Waiting Game, The Station Agent (2003). Ooh, lovely job capturing this found-family, who-am-I-and-what-do-I-want film.

9 to 5, Lego Star Wars. Hilarious! As such_heights said, "I love everything this chooses to be." (Also, listen closely to the lyrics of the song. Dolly Parton's talking about what capitalism does to us.)

Sheep Go to Heaven, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. If you like the band Cake, I think you'll like this vid. It's charming. Even if you don't know the source (which I didn't), as long as you watched US TV in the 90s/00s you'll recognize the actors. :)

Nine Years of Ballet, ASSHOLE!, Outrageous Fortune (US 1987). As the anonymous vidder says, "how jetés and stage combat saved the world." This is a "source summary" vid, and a great one. You'll enjoy the story even if you've never heard of the movie.

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Tomorrow is Festivids

So here is a great vid from last year to get us started! It is about TEAM, which I know you all love. Never seen the movie but I cared about the people in the vid from the first few moments \o/


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Two things that have made me happy today

1) My Festivid vid is turned in!

2) I watched the S3 Sherlock last ep. Talking about it with Nightdog over here: http://nightdog-barks.dreamwidth.org/1754673.html if you'd like to join us.

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Vid: Part of Me

Title of vid: Part of Me
Created for: [personal profile] rhea314 for Festivids 2013-14
Vidder: Dee Laundry
Fandom: Now You See Me
Music: "Between Something and Nothing" by The Ocean Blue
Summary: Why do magicians do what they do?
Content Notes: Physical triggers (bright & flashing lights throughout)
Spoilers: Various plot spoilers but answer to "whodunit" is NOT revealed
Other Notes: [personal profile] rhea314 said "Dance vid" and I said, "Perfect!" My concept of disco-ball music is 20+ years behind Rhea314's; hope this translates anyway! Thank you to [personal profile] bironic for beta, encouragement, and this quote: "Hulk is suspicious of magicians."

Part of Me from Dee Laundry on Vimeo.

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Sherlock S3 E1

Just had my first time trying a livestream over the internet, and the experience was pretty good. Couple of laggy points, but that was expected, so overall satisfaction: high.

(Except the player had a pause button, which caused a blow-up each of the three times I forgot I wasn't watching a DVD and tried to pause. Oops.)

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House/Wilson Fics by Various Folks

Happy End to 2013! In case anyone wanted to leave this year (or start the next) reading House/Wilson fics, here are some of the older ones from my Memories... ones you might have missed.

Will be adding to this throughout the day.

Conclusions by [personal profile] alazysod, PG-13.
Excessive Tape and Major Miracles by [profile] barely_bean, PG
Not Quite Kosher, by [profile] nutmeg4077, R.
Play to Win, by [personal profile] angelgazing, PG.
The One in Which House Marries Wilson (Or Possibly Doesn't), by Niq, PG-13.

Crazy by [personal profile] sua_lay, PG. Marked as crack but it really isn't. :)
The Visitor by [profile] genagirl, PG. Hee! Bonus awesome Cuddy.
Five Things... by [profile] simple__man, aka Nicky. If you haven't read everything by Nicky, PLEASE DO. Marvelous writer, and I'm not just saying that because he let me borrow one of his OCs. :)
Synchronicity by Sam_Storyteller (copperbadge), R.

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You All Are on Notice

... Why did no one tell me Lili Taylor is on "Almost Human"? Robots AND Lili Taylor; I'm so there.

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Meaningless to Everyone But Me

In the Omega-verse crossover fic I'm probably not ever going to actually write down (the one that starts with Wilson drunkenly musing on why humanity tends to sort newborns into male and female, and House correcting him on what the word "theory" means), the kid's father looks like Jason Statham (see this pic).

Also, the accent mark that I want to use for pronouns referring to alpha and omega is called a "macron." As in, "Sharing the heat with ā was a one-time thing."

Ā Ō ō

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Dear Festividder 2013

Dear Festividder,

Thank you for signing up for Festivids and for choosing one of these sources to vid. Below are some ideas in case they would help.

Archer. Can't put into words how whack-a-doodle this show is, in a mind-blowingly coherent way. The characters are insane, but quite competent in what they do, whether that's their actual job or running a railroad or racing drift cars. You could make a fabulous Lord King Bad vid to this source. (Yes, this is the write-up from year. It's still true.)

I Love You Phillip Morris. The way Steven's mind works is amazing, as in, produces amazement. And I wonder if Ewan McGregor took doe-eye lessons to be in shape for this movie. Steven/Phillip, 100%.

Far From Heaven. Normally I don't even notice cinematography, but wow, this movie was beautifully shot. If you can use that to highlight the themes of friendship, love, persona, and identity, I would be grateful.

Mary & Max. If you think this movie was weird, please don't vid it. If you adored the feelings and connections, then I will adore your vid.

Demolition Man. This a huge, over-the-top comic book of a movie. Can you see the hearts in my eyes? Don't take it too seriously, and we will be in complete accord. "You can take this job, and you can shovel it." (Music possibility: All restaurants are Taco Bell, and the oldies radio station plays...)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I think Martin Freeman was in this, maybe? Kidding. Several continuous minutes of Martin's reactions would be wonderful.

The World's End. Martin was in this too? You don't say. ... OK, seriously, yes, I like Martin Freeman, but for this vid would love to see a lot of team/friendship feels.

PS for any treat-makers stopping by. A multi-source vid (including interviews, etc.) of Martin Freeman would be dreamy, except no hobbit feet, if you don't mind. Please do include him playing with his beads from this skit from Bruiser. TYVM.

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"Have you seen the twin turbos on that new Cesna, by chance?"

Said to a male friend while staring creepily at Kristy Swanson. D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

I've liked RSL's acting in Ground Control -- up until that line. The rest of the movie is kinda eh, but it's fun for the 80s flashback.

The bully from Stand by Me and Lost Boys! The love interest from Top Gun! The dad from Family Ties! The Fonz! (Well, that's 70s but you get the point) Dot matrix printers! Headsets having plugs! Software design being "ones and zeroes, zeroes and ones"! Short-sleeve dress shirts worn with ties! A lot of coffee but none of it is from Starbucks (or equivalent fake brand due to copyright issues)!

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Vid: Every Day

Title: Every Day
Vidder: Dee Laundry
Characters: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Love, one letter at a time a.k.a. "I'd be lost without my blogger."
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] bironic for the beta.
Source: Sherlock
Music: "Everyday I Write the Book" by Elvis Costello (trimmed)

Every Day from Dee Laundry on Vimeo.

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Yay, fanvidding!

Kudos to Joyo and AbsoluteDestiny for making it onto the Someecards newsletter / HappyPlace.com!!


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Hello DW/LJ!

OK, so I am not dead, which is good. My creative mojo just went far, far away, and without that, I find myself very boring. Don't want to inflict the tedium on y'all, such lovely folks, and so stopped posting.

But! But! A sudden compulsion has come up to create a particular fanwork, so who wants a present? It's a Sherlock BBC vid, John/Sherlock. Started ripping eps last night and hope to have a draft done on Sunday. :)

Hope all is well with you. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Friends (vid)

[personal profile] bironic has put up with a lot from me. Recently (a.k.a., the past four or so years), one of the primary things up with which she has put is me deluging her with fannish ideas and then not following through.

As a present for her, I finally followed through with one of the ideas. Not one she actually cared about, but, y'know.

Then it occurred to me that the bits around my idea (matching one verse of a song with a particular theme) could make a nice tribute to [personal profile] bironic, because she's awesome. ♥

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Jack Wilson is now four

Happy Belated Birthday, sweetheart.

♥ ♥ ♥